Bass Fishing, Canada and Tough Summer Conditions with Jamie Wilson

September 12, 2014

For episode #3 we are headed to Ontario, Canada to speak with Jamie Wilson. Jamie is a top notch guy and I really appreciate him taking some time to do an interview with us. I loved getting the chance to learn about bass fishing up in Canada and hopefully I can make a trip up that way in the future. Here is what we got into during the interview:

  • How Jamie used to be a rock star!
  • Some differences between bass fishing in Canada and the southern US
  • Dealing with tough summer conditions
  • Jamie’s thoughts on fish attractant

I thought this was a great chat and just like in the previous episodes I definitely learned a lot. Please take some time to reach out to Jamie on Twitter @jwilsonmedia and let him know you loved the interview! Thanks for listening and keep casting!


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