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How to Catch Bass in Late Summer

August 4, 2014

Here we are approaching the later part of the summer in Tennessee and many people are wondering how to catch bass in late summer. This can be a very frustrating time of year for bass fisherman but if you are willing to get out of your comfort zone and try a few new things you might find yourself enjoying your time on the lake a little more.

If you are like me, you don’t have the opportunity to fish every single day or even every week. When you finally get the time to get on the water you would like to put a few decent fish in the boat. We’ve all been on those fishing trips that you anxiously await only to come up empty handed. Even a bad day on the lake is enjoyable for me however, which is why I gave up golf and took up fishing!

The later it gets in the summer the more the fish tend to spread out and leave the comfort of their deep offshore spots. The advantage to you is that you can usually catch them shallow and deep, depending on your body of water of course. It’s not uncommon to find yourself hooking up on 3-4 lb bass in a foot of water or below during this time. Depending on the oxygen levels many bass may prefer to relocate to shallow water. Most anglers prefer to fish banks with visible structure (I know I do) so this is beneficial if you like to pound the banks. Here are a couple things to look out for that may increase your catch during late summer.

Find Isolated Cover in Shallow Water

At one of the local lakes here in TN there are a ton of duck blinds built on shallow points that extend way out into the middle of the lake. Most of them are adjacent to the main channel or creek channels that the bass have been holding in since the spawn. I have been catching bass off these every time I visit. Don’t expect to run into a huge school like you would offshore and catch a toad every single cast. These isolated areas may hold a few quality fish. Usually I will spend a little time at each blind and then rotate to the next one. As most summer patterns do this may take some work and movement on your part but if you find some areas similar to this you have a good chance of putting some bass in the boat.

Find the Minnow Fry… Find the Bass

A great way to catch bass in late summer is by locating large balls of baitfish that attract cruising bass. Keep an eye out for the dark spots in the water as they will often congregate around isolated cover in shallow water. Mark areas on your lake that are hotspots for these young baitfish as these areas can be a go-to for quality bass in late summer. Try using a Zoom Superfluke or a smaller shallow running crankbait and cast out past the school. Run your bait right through the middle of the minnow fry and try to make them scatter. At a few spots that I frequently visit, I can always count on 4-5 of these schools desperately trying to escape the hungry bass that is unknowingly about to gobble my bait.

For those of us that love the shore, late summer should be welcomed with open arms. Hopefully you have a better understanding of how to catch bass in late summer and will have some impressive stringers to show the frustrated anglers that are still glued to their depth-finders in search of deep bass.

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