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Ledge Fishing For Big Time Bass

June 24, 2015

I will be the first to admit that ledge fishing is a little intimidating. Whether it’s the spoons as big as my hand or the crankbaits that look like they belong in my live well, going after the ledges takes some patience and practice.

There’s no doubt that it’s much easier to tie on your favorite jig and pound the banks. Armed with the right knowledge, however, fishing ledges can lead to some really exciting days on the water.

This is especially true for places like Kentucky lake that often require some skills on the ledges.

Here are the top 3 baits I use when I am fishing deep ledges:

  1. Carolina Rig
  2. Deep diving crankbait (I love the Strike King 6XD )
  3. Football jig (3/4 oz. for deep water)

I will have a setup for each of these ready to go before I hit the water so I can change quickly and present something different to the school. Most of the time I will start with the crankbait and use a steady retrieve. Hopefully this will attract the more aggressive fish in the school and helps me pinpoint the depth at which they are feeding.

If I’m unable to find them or if the bite dies I will switch to the jig or the C-rig and see if the school starts back up.

Check out this video where Scott Martin shows you how he attacks the ledges of Kentucky Lake:

The biggest drawback to this method of fishing is that good electronics will greatly increase your effectiveness. When you are fishing in open water this will help you pinpoint the right ledges and in turn the first.

I love Garmin electronics. They have a wide array of products that will help you target the right spots to start going after those ledges!

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