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The Hogs Come Out at Night – Bass Fishing After Dark

June 23, 2015

Now that we are in the heat of summer there’s not many days where you can spend 8 hours on the water when it’s 95 degrees. Don’t put away your reels until fall just yet or you may miss out on some of the most exciting bass fishing there is.

Bass fishing at night follows all the same rules as daytime fishing however it’s nice not have to lather up with SPF 250 and wear 14 Hoo-rag’s just to keep your skin from melting. The lake is never crowded at night and most likely someone won’t be camped out in your “secret” spot.

During the summer I notice a lot of people hit the water early in the morning looking for the shallow or topwater bite and then head off to the boat ramp as soon as the sun is high in the sky. Bass will come up to the shallow water early in search of food before heading back to deeper water. For most people this is the preferred method of fishing. Trying to find bass in deep water can be tough for those without the electronics or patients to do it.

This is another advantage to bass fishing at night throughout the summer. Most of the time all of your favorite fall and spring baits will be effective and you won’t deal with the common daytime frustrations that comes with bass fishing in summer.

My favorite way to fish at night, however, is with topwater baits.

The added anticipation of not being able to fully see your bait while you wait and listen for that explosive strike is an experience that only night fishing can bring.

Check out this video where @lakeforkguy takes us on a 12 hour night fishing trip!

Check out Justin’s channel on YouTube: LakeForkGuy

As he mentions in the video, a lot of anglers prefer to use dark baits at night.

Outside of topwater baits I like to use a Texas rigged worm or a jig. At night you can really go big with the size of your bait as a lot of good sized fish will be hanging in grass and other structure in shallow water.

If you are typically frustrated with summer bass fishing then you should definitely give night fishing a try. You may never fish during the day ever again. 🙂